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Enfutown Bumpers Rules

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General Gameplay

Defend your Champion and attack the other player on a grid by bumping them and having a higher rank then them!

Enfutown Bumpers Gameplay


1. Each player places their Champion card face up in the Champion spot.

2. Each player shuffles their deck and puts two random cards face down on the left and right of their Champion. You can look at them.

3. Each player draws 4 cards.

Enfutown Bumpers Setup

The Cards

Cards have the following information.

Rank is used to determine the bump winner.

Ability Type Icon which can be Battle, Enhance, and Drop

Ability Text which is done when used in the way the ability shows.

Card Ability Types

There are 3 types of abilities that cards can have.

Enhance (Shield): This ability only works when it's used as backup in a bump.

Battle (Sword): This ability only works when it's on the play field in a bump.

Drop (Discard): Discard this card from your hand and follow the text on the card.

Let's Play!

The person with the shortest pinky goes first! The second player may switch their Champion with a card that is on the left or right before beginning the game.


Do the following on each turn.

1. Draw A Card

2. Use any number of Drop abilities.

3. Place up to one card face down next to your Champion in an open position (left, top, right, bottom).

4. Make up to 2 moves. It's moving a card into an open position (left, top, right, bottom) or onto an opponent card to start a bump.

5. Declare you're done and discard down to 5 cards.


It's a battle between characters!

A bump is when you move your card into a spot occupied by an opponent's card to battle!

You're the attacker and your opponent is the defender

There are 5 steps.

1. The Defender can Call for Backup 1st.

2. The Attacker can Call for Backup 2nd.

3. Both members turn all cards face up.

4. Each player adds up their card ranks, taking into account Enhance and Battle effects. The side with the highest total rank keeps their card on the board.

5. All other cards are put into the discard pile. Turn the winner back to face down.

Calling for Backup

To call for backup, place as many cards face down that you want. Any card can be used. All their numbers and Enhance effects (if any) will be added to the bump.

Once each person has placed thier backup, all the cards are revealed and added up!

In this case it's 4 in Play + 8 and 5 as backup = 17 total.

End of the Game

If you defeat your opponent's Champion in a Bump you win and the game is over!

The other way to win is if your opponent's deck has 0 cards left and they try to draw a card.

An Epic and Strategic Battle for All Ages!

"Tactical enough for the big blowout plays, but lighthearted enough to laugh 'em off." -Ben

2 Players | Game Length: 10-20 minutes | Ages: 10 and older

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