An Epic and Strategic Battle for All Ages!

Launched on Kickstarter and now with over 900 copies sold!

Meet the Characters

It's Positive Grilled Cheese and Floppy Cat

Playing The Game

Battle each other with attack, defense, and discard ability cards on a grid where each player tries to conquer the other's Champion character!

How It Works

Each player has a deck and a Champion.

Champions start on the grid with two cards face down next to them. You begin by drawing four cards.

The Champion moves face up while other cards move face down.

The Cards

Higher Ranks win battles and abilities can be used to help you in battle or disrupt your opponent's plans!

Bump Battles!

1. Move a card onto an enemy to start a bump!

2. Each player takes turns adding backup to increase their rank for the bump.

3. All the cards are flipped and the ranks are added up. They win 17 vs your 14.

4. Their card stays and is now one step closer to your Champion!


Perfect for family fun!

Jim - on Sep 22, 2017

This is a perfect game to play with your family. It’s easy to learn and quick to set up and play. Our kids love the illustrations and the fast playtime kept them focused and having fun. While the overall gameplay is simple, there is plenty of strategy to be found that older members of the family can dig into and enjoy.

Enfutown Bumpers is also small enough to fit in your pocket, making it perfect to take on family trips or even pull out while you’re waiting for your food at a restaurant.


Fun card game

Matthew on Sep 25, 2017

It took me a couple minutes to understand the concept behind the strategic ways to win but surely once you get it you'll want to challenege your family, friends, roommates, etc. This is a fun and friendly card game that is great for passing time and the graphics on the cards are amazing as well. Overall, would highly recommend.

An Epic and Strategic Battle for All Ages!

An Epic and Strategic Battle for All Ages!

"Tactical enough for the big blowout plays, but lighthearted enough to laugh 'em off." -Ben

2 Players | Game Length: 10-20 minutes | Ages: 10 and older